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Yeah, I think this is the first post in which moniq is wearing lingerie (and I already posted 101 times on this blog :D) The reason is the new Exodi skin, called Isolde. Group members had a sneak peak on the new skin, with a new gifts (it is in the group notices and I really think anyone should pay the join fee for Exodi, because Ryker Beck often sends gifts and to me they are all amazing).

Plus, I found in my object folder two boxes from Moving Lingerie. I have no idea how they ended up there, but I am glad they did, because we’re talking about sexy here. And I somehow managed to find some hair, outfits and poses to make moniq look less bitchy  while wearing Isolde. Yeah, that was my first thought when I put on the skin 😀 I will show you later why :)) The first snapshot is, of course, one that makes my avatar look sexy and sweet (yeah, both at the same time. Dixit!) 😀

See? It’s sexy and it’s cute :p That was the dark brows option, it also comes with light brows, look below to see it 🙂

So this is Moving lingerie! I realize that white can be sexy too. And yes, my avatar is wearing shoes in bed. Is there anything wrong with that? (don’t ask my mom, though):D

There had to be something green in this post also 😀 Anyway, this is Isolde in the light brows version, with Boon hair.

And finally, the bitchy face snapshot :))

That red dress is a subscribo gift from studio m. The store is currently closed, as the designer is focusing on a new brand, but the subscriber is still open.

moniq is wearing:

skin by Exodi (group gift)

hair by Ay.line (first two pics, group gift), boon (third pic) and epoque (sale item)

hair bases for 2.0 viewer by Tiny Bird (free in store)

lingerie by  Moving lingerie

dress by studio m (subscriber gift)

shoes by Nardcotix

poses by Diesel Works and estetica

PS. I’m finally updating the previous post with slurls, if anyone is interested :p