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I know it is already late and Bastille Day is already yesterday, but hey, I always loved La Marseillaise! I’m not French and, though my country claims a certain sisterhood with France and professes love for the bigger sister,  I’d rather not be particularly fond of any country, because I believe borders are obsolete. But when Paris Metro reminds me of July 14th with such a gorgeous dress, I kinda become sentimental 🙂

See? there’s the Tour Eiffel in the background!

I took moniq and this gorgeous dress to the Paris 1900 sim to take some pictures. And no, it was not a hint of genius, but the landmark of Paris Metro that I found in the folder 😀

Yeah, I took a snapshot with the flags! And I also found a photographer willing to take a picture of me 😉

And then I took a ride. I did not expect the horse to actually start running, but trying to capture the moment was really fun :p

outfit by Paris Metro

skin by LaVie

hair by Boon

shoes by Nardcotix

poses by Glitterati