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Yeah, I had my weight obsession too at some point. But unlike many of my friends, I wanted more kilos. I’m 1.70 (about 5.6 in measured in feet) and at some point I only had 47 kilos. That’s what happens when you get measles in your 20s and have two full jobs in one 😀 I tried hard to gain weight and it took me several years to hit my 50 kilos target. Things are better now, I’m at 55 and happy about it, since I never enjoyed being skinny 😀

I am writing this because Chandni Khondji, the owner of HopScotch, plurked hat she offered review packs of her new items for bloggers interested in writing about them. And I had already seen the Weight-in prop on a blog and I loved it. So now I am reviewing it. It’s not only for selfish reasons, you know, because I also want to tell all girls out there that the number of kilograms is not as important as feeling good in your own skin and that there is no reason to starve, because people will like you for who you are and not what you look like. And those who don’t … well, they don’t deserve your attention.

That being said, let’s move to the pics 🙂

I altered my avatar’s shape a bit to make it look thinner to somehow illustrate my story.  I did not exaggerate, though, because I was afraid I’d forget how to get the shape back. And no, making copies is not my thing in SL. 😀

moniq is wearing an outfit by HopScotch, sent in the same review pack. Beside the lovely colors, which I also love to wear in RL, I like this outfit because of its name: I poop Rainbows. Sounds happy to me, and so I am!  The skin moniq is wearing is the latest group gift by Cupcakes and believe me, it’s a group worth joining. Close-up coming below.

That’s my favorite pose of this prop (it has six included). It’s something like “hey, how the heck did it get there?” 😀

And the final pose, for which moniq got her shape back; Victory! I made it!

Finally, a close up on the beautiful Belle skin:

I love the lips and the eye make-up of this skin and the best thing is that it comes with four brow tones, to match them with your hair. Speaking of which, this is one of my favorite hair styles ever. It is called Hime and is a very-very old group gift by The Obscene.

And now please excuse me, I’m finally going to do the ProPosers hunt. From the first store to the last one 😀

Outfit and prop by HopScotch (review)

Skin by Cupcakes (group gift)

Hair by The Obscene