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It was not on my to-do list recently, although they make some of the best hair in SL. I finally made some time to check their hair sale. You can get older styles for as little as L$20 per color pack. I was not very delighted of them, though, and I was about to leave the place when I thought that maybe I should check the freebie ball on the beach. And guess what: I found four new gifts in there! At least they are new to me. If you already have them, just skip the hair part, cause there’s also lots of other cute stuff in this post.

The camera with built-in poses is a ProPosers hunt prize. It has six poses and is very user friendly (which means that I did not need to make many adjustments) 😀 The photohud is by Patchwork and has been in my inventory for ages, but I rarely use huds when taking snapshots.

The skin in the first pic is a new subscriber gift by DaMa. Yu can see some of the older gifts and some PPH prizes here. The other skins were already featured on this blog. At least once.

All hair styles by Analog Dog (freebie ball on the beach)

Camera with poses by Lyndz-Matic (PPH prize)

Skins by DaMa (first pic), Exodi (pics 2 and 4) and Cupcakes (third pic)

Outfit by Cynful