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I’ve never been a girlie-girl and I never liked pink very much (ok, I had a short pink episode like 20 years ago, if that counts). Still, I have some pink items in my closet, as I have some in my inventory. In RL, I wear them when I need to feel that my life is … well… pink, but I don’t really see that. In SL,  my avatar wears pink when it looks good.

It all started with a skin, then it went on with a mini-hunt at Schoen. Well, it’s an one-item hunt, but the prize, a dress called Peach Melba ,  was the perfect outfit for that skin. So I went there to find it and I’ll show it to you in this post.

But first the skin. I loved it the first time I had moniq try it on. It’s very delicate and peachy, as you can see.

See? It’s so girlie! But it goes very well with this Analog Dog hair (ok, I admit I should have recolored it to match the darker brows). The skin is free for Piece of Mind store subscribers and it really was a pleasant surprise. The body is not perfect, but I am willing to ignore that because of the face. See below how great it goes with two pretty and delicate dresses.

First up, the Peach Melba dress by Schoen. All you have to do is go to the store and look for a tiny-tiny peach (you’ll see it pictured in the hunt ad in store) and get this cutie dress:

I  think it’s worth looking for that very small peach in the big store (it’s not hard to find, don’t worry).

There’s one more dress that I recently purchased and that had to be in this post, because it suits this skin so well and because it fits so well in this scenery. It’s a special offer by Fab.Pony, I got it for only L$89. There’s a version very similar to this one that you can get for free at the store if you camp there for 40 minutes.

Doesn’t it look like pistachio and strawberry ice cream? :)) Since it’s almost time for me to go to work, I’ll look for something ice creamy and peachy in my RL inventory. I might even use some rosy gloss today! 😀


skin by Piece of Mind (gift for subscribers in store)

hair by Analog Dog (free, more styles blogged here)

dresses by Schoen (mini hunt in store) and Fab.Pony (special offer)

shoes by Baby Monkey

poses by Exposeur