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The weather guys announced rains for the next few days. I can see that already, as clouds are taking over the sky. I already feel nervous and tired and definitely not in the mood for the working Sunday ahead. So I chose only colorful outfits for this post, to brighten up my day a little bit. I hope it will brighten yours too.

I will start with a bunch of items that I got in the past few days: a top that is part of s@bbia’s newest group gift, a pair of graphic leggings by Tutti Frutti, free at the mainstore’s new location, some cute pumps by Donna Flora and a sunflower set of prim nails by Love Soul which I have for some time in my inventory. I also used the bag in which the nails were boxed, because it’s cute and has a sunflower matching the one on the blouse.

Plus, I discovered a great new store called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which has lots of gifts and lucky boards, plus very cute outfits, shoes, bags and prim nails priced L$5-10. Pics are coming below, but I will first show you my sunflowerz.

The hair in that snapshot is from Truth, I got it a while ago from their discount section, so I don’t know whether it is still available. And looking at those colors, I already feel better.

Up next, a cutie-cutie dress that I bought for only L$10 from KKBB. I love the colors and the skirt pattern! I’m not really a fan  of system skirts, but they can look pretty good if you make a version of your shape suited for them. Enough blah-blah, here’s the snapshot:

And coming up in the next snapshot are an outfit and a bag you can get for free at KKBB. One more thing: this store sells items that are no copy and no mod, but are transferable, so you can share them with your alt or your friends 🙂 I wish more could be like that, so we could borrow stuff from our inventories like RL friends do :)))

The shoes are an older group gift from s@abbia, still available in the store. If you go there, they have a L$25-50 sale and their items are very cute. The hair is a new release by Simply Britnee and is only available on the MM board for the moment. I’ll show you a close-up. Plus, moniq has new eyes! They are also a MM prize, this time from Oceane (new mainstore just opened) and I think they look cute enough to switch for a bit from the Exodi Zibilja eyes moniq is usually wearing (so often that I always forget to put them on the credits list :D). So here’s the close-up:

First pic: top by s@bbia (group gift), leggings by tutti frutti (free), shoes by Donna Flora (dollarbie), hair by Truth (discount item), nails by Love Soul

Pics 2-4: outfits and bag by kiss kiss bang bang, shoes by Donna Flora and s@bbia, hair by Simply Britnee (MM board prize), eyes by Oceane (MM board prize), lashes by Vixen

Skin by dekade (subscriber gift)

Poses and skybox by estetica

P.S. slurls to be updated later, most of them are somewhere on this blog, so check the tags 🙂