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I recently blogged about a new store, called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Now if you go there, you can get some amazing sandals with only L$10 or just a little luck. I was sent two copies for review last week, but since I am on vacation and only got to touch a PC now, I could not blog them earlier. Anyway, later is better than never (I hope)  and in the meantime more colors were released. So run!

These are definitely my favorite. I love-love-love that vinyl texture. And guess  what, these are available in the lucky board! Are you still here?

And here’s a version that you can find for sale in the store, for only L$10. Wish they were as affordable in RL too 😀

Now I can’t wait to log back in again (that is, when my mobile internet allows me to) , cause I want more! :))

You can find Kiss Kiss Bang Bang here. Run! 🙂

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