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Ok, I had no better idea for a headline, since this post is about random stuff that piled up in my inventory while I was on vacation and could not blog. And believe me, I had to make a tough selection, because there’s so many cute items I wanted to show! So: Platinum Hunt, other hunts, gifts and more coming your way 🙂

This cute white dress is a subscriber gift from Cool Beans and the texture change sandals are by Baby Monkey (I think they are a gift for the FabFree group). The Heartsick skin and the Magika hair are part of the Platinum Hunt, which I finally started today 😀 I am only blogging a few items, however, because you’ve already seen most of them on the feeds.

Next up, a great skin by dekade and a gorgeous hair by Bliss Couture, also from the Platinum Hunt. Plus a cute dress by Sweeter than Candy and the hot-hot-hot shoes sent as subscriber gift by G Field.

So Many Styles just put out a new group gift, a gorgeous blue tunic which I love for the texture. It looks so real! But then again, that happens with most SMS clothing 🙂 I matched it with the latest group gift from Lollipopz, because the cap is texture change and has the blue option :p The skin is Audrey, the latest release by Tuli, of which a preview was sent as group gift.

Finally, a casual outfit, which I put up using several hunt gifts: the skin is by Tik Tok, part of the IrEn village hunt, the Exile hair is part of the Platinum Hunt, the top and flip-flops are by Indie Rose, from the Needle in a Haystack hunt. The bag is a Marukin dollarbie and the shorts are part of a subscribo gift sent by aDIVA Couture.

And that’s all for today… at least for this post. Hope you had the patience to read through 🙂

Look 1

skin by Heartsick (Platinum Hunt gift)

hair by Magika (Platinum Hunt gift)

dress by Cool Beans (subscriber gift)

shoes by Baby Monkey

pose by !Bang

Look 2

skin by dekade (Platinum Hunt gift)

hair by Bliss Couture (Platinum Hunt gift)

dress by Sweeter than Candy (subscriber gift)

shoes by G Field (subscriber gift)

pose by Everglow


dress by So Many Styles (group gift)

hair by Lollipopz (group gift)

skin by Tuli (group gift)

pose by estetica

Look 4

skin by Tik Tok (hunt gift)

hair by Exile (Platinum Hunt gift)

top and shoes by Indie Rose (NIAH hunt gift)

shorts by aDIVA Couture (part of a subscriber gift)

bag and pose by marukin