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I think this is the most random collections of items that I ever blogged: there’s a hunt, a gatcha, a free among the discounted, two group gifts. And all of them from creators that somehow touched my heart, either because they are wonderful people or because their creations just rock. Or both.

First I’ll show you a close-up of two things that were love at first sight: a hair that you can find at Mina, as prize of the Zombie Popcorn Hunt and a necklace that is available as group gift at je suis. I already blogged the brand’s new releases so check here if you want more.

The nasty but cute top is one sample of free stuff that can be found at Tyrany Designs.

There are some 12 freebies in store and everything else is discounted to L$45-100. I’m only showing this top though, you’ll have to find the rest by yourselves.

The cute flats moniq is wearing are from the new gatcha machine at Hucci. They also come in black and red and are L$20 per try. Also gift cards in there, if you are lucky :p

Finally, the skirt is a group gift by Lelutka to the Avenue Magazine readers. Yeah, you already know that, cause it was already blogged. But it’s cute and goes with the Alyson skin red lips :p (I know it’s crazy to match the shoes with the hair and the skin lips with a piece of clothing, but I enjoy doing that :D)

moniq is wearing:

hair by Mina (Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize)

top by Tyranny Design (random freebie)

necklace by je suis (group gift)

skirt by Lelutka free here

shoes by Hucci (gatcha prize)

skin by Belleza

eyes by glam affair

lashes by Vixen

poses by Olive Juice, estetica and marukin