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Fade to Black is one of my favorite songs… but I kinda feel it’s hard to associate moniq, a girlish avatar, with heavy metal… hmm… one day I’ll do a rocker chick post. Meanwhile, I’m going to show you two cute dresses by Pixeldolls. One of them are is a version of the new releases and the other one (meaning the first pic) is a MM board prize.

The hair is Paio, from Mirai Style, one of my favorite styles ever. The skin moniq is wearing is the Platinum Hunt gift at Heartsick, while the shoes are from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a new brand, very dynamic and incredibly affordable. This pair only costs L$10. Really! If you want to see more cute heels, check them here.

Moving on to the other cute dress. I especially love this one:

But then again, I love many designs at Pixeldolls. It’s one of the first stores I discovered in SL (by myself, not gragged by my BF cause I had to change those horrible dungeon freeebies, I mean) and I still go there quite often because this seems to be a long lasting love šŸ™‚

There’s one more dress free at the store, but you’ll have to go there and see it for yourselves :p

dresses by Pixeldolls

shoes by KKBB

skin by Heartsick

hair by Mirai Style

poses by Miamai