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… taking one more pic. And one more. And again. And then decide that I can’t have all of them in a single blog post. And leave them out.  So only two outfits for today. And a big picture that I loved editing because that’s how I dream about the beach:

The hair moniq is wearing is by Mina and is a prize in the Icon sim hunt. So are the shoes. They come with a vintage bathing suit and are the hunt prize offered by G Field. Here’s a closer look of these items:

The beautiful skin moniq is wearing is also from the Icon hunt and you can find it at Tuli. I could not find any prize at Boom, but I picked up these hot pants that are free in store.

Also by Boom is the dress worn in the first pic. Here’s a better look:

This is a new release and comes in 17 color sets. Each of them has two versions, black and silver. And the prim skirt is very easy to adjust.

Last, but not least, the skin worn in the first pic is a subscribo gift from House of London. It just came in, so I did not have the time to take a better pic. Oh, there are two skins in the pack, by the way. And the other one is just as beautiful as this one.

moniq is wearing:

second pic: hair by Mina, skin by Tuli, top and shoes by G Field (Icon hunt) and pants by Boom (free at the Icon location)

third pic: hair by Mina, skin by Tuli, dress by Boom (new release), nails by Candy Nail

fourth pic: hair by Mina, skin by House of London, lashes by LeLutka, eyes by Ibanez

poses by !Bang for Rocking Friday