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However crazy this might sound, this is my new pet. A cow that you can milk and pet. It has poses for that. I got it from a MM board cause I read the announcement in one of my groups and I was curious. It was instant love. Which is totally weird, since I’m scared of RL cows. Like really scared, although I know they are friendly and harmless.

The pink dress is also a MM board prize, I discovered it at Sweet! when I went there to get the Tropicana hunt prize (blogged here). The hair is, obviously, the Magika lucky board prize (half of SL got that before me).

so here’s the styling:

skin: Audrey by Tuli (ISSD hunt)

hair: Joy (Red:Auburn) by Magika (LB prize)

dress: Gidget by Sweet! (MM board prize)

shoes: Military Boots by hoorenbeek (ZombiePopcorn Hunt prize)

cow with animations (not shown here cause I did not like how the pics came out): milking and stroking the daisey, MM prize at Swashbucklers village

pose: airplane by !Bang