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I’m so excited about the Hair Fair! I spent several hours there today and wow! There are so many great styles and so many great gifts! It was so hard to decide what to blog first 😀 I did decide finally that this post is blonde 😀

So I’ll show you some new releases for the event and some of the gifts available. The fair officially opens tomorrow, so get ready 😀

A reminder: the Hair Fair is a charity event, and each designers has at least one style for which sales go to Wigs for Kids, a non-profit organization helping children who suffered hair loss to lead a normal life. Check the official Hair Fair blog for more details.

So, what’s first is first: here’s my look for today, wearing one of the Hair Fair releases:

This cute hair style is called Kathleen and is one of the new releases by Amacci. This is a store I mainly love for the skins, which are awesome, but their hair is also very pretty. moniq is also wearing the top of a cute dress that I won as a lucky board prize at the heaven of lucky boards in petit pas mall :p The skirt is the September subscriber gift from Miamai and I can’t take it off. It’s too hawt!

Back to the hair, however. Here’s Sinnea by Amacci, the hair style that is sold for charity. Also very pretty and very suited for your every day lady-like look 🙂

Another style that I really love is Bobby, released by Berries Inc. for the Hair fair. Not only it’s cute, but it is also fit for the autumn days ahead:

Ok, two more and I’m done. And we’re getting to the gifts now! First up, W&Y, one of my favorite hair store, placed a freebie bag in their booth. It includes a hair base for 2.0 and a pony tail in white and camel. Since this is a blonde post, here’s the white version:

And last but not least, here’s Dernier Cri’s gift. I so love it! (Actually my inventory is like 1000 items fatter and I love /adore/worship all of them) 😀

Ok, now it’s time to stop staring at those photos and post the credits:D

moniq is wearing:

top by lo momo (part of a dress, lucky board prize at the petit pas mall)

skirt by Miamai (subscriber gift)

skin by Dutch Touch (group gift)

poses by Miamai (gift at the Hair Fair)


Pics 1 and 2: Kathleen and Sinnea by Amacci (HF new releases)

Pic 3: Bobby by Berries Inc. (HF new releases)

Pic 4: hairbase and pony tail by W&Y (HF gift)

Pic 5: gift hair by Dernier Cri (free at HF)

*I provided the SLURLs for the mainstores. The Hair Fair only opens tomorrow, officially