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Why do I love SL? Cause my avatar always looks perfect in a little black dress and I can change my hairstyle – and anything else, for that matter – with just one click. And this is definitely hair time, if you got into the Hair Fair you know that! When Delaynie Barbosa, the owner of OuTRage, sent me this sexy little dress for review, I thought “wish I had one just like that in RL… and I wish it looked that good on me!” Yeah, right! šŸ˜€Ā  The dress also includes a collar (not shown here).

I added to the look some of the Hair Fair gifts, because when you go on a night date, you need a hairstyle to match the dress, right? :p

I added to the look a pair of stunning green sandals thatĀ  I won last week at the Tara MM board. You can find some unusual and interesting shoes there. At least half of them scream sex in my opinion. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with that. The green color was not chosen by accident, but for the green locks in the hair. Here’s a closer look:

This style is available as a gift at RezIpsa Loc’s Hair Fair booth. It comes in two tones and four color locks for each tone. Next, the gift provided by SyDS hair, this time a short style, very cute in my opinion:

Another option is this cute gift by Simply Britnee, also available at the Hair Fair . I like it because of the white streaks on the front and because it falls smoothly on the shoulders.

Styling and SURLs:

dress : Night Date by OuTRage (review copy)

all hairs are Hair Fair gifts. Click here for links to all stores.

skin: Heather by Tik Tok (Group gift)

shoes by Tara (MM prize)

bag by Pacadi Jasha ( no longer available)

poses by di’s opera, free at the Fresh sim (not sure if they are still available, though)

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RezIpsa Loc