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Do you de-prim when going to laggy places? Do you get scolded if your ARC is high? Don’t punch me if you already read this story, ok? I mean well :p

I had this idea for my blog post when I saw the &bean skin dedicated to the Hair Fair. And after Trieste Minuet, owner of !Bang, sent me her new tatoo releases. I used IrEn hair releases for the fair because they are cute and more casual than most hairs that I bought or received for review at this event.

The hair moniq is wearing in this snapshot is the gift hair waiting for you at IrEn’s tent at the Hair Fair. It is one of my favorite gifts at this year’s edition and I was waiting for the right time to wear it. The outfit is Indie Rose’s latest subscriber gift and the pose prop is also a subscriber gift, this time from Posies (glad to have them back :p)

The skin is for sale for only L$10, but it is priceless, because it made me laugh so hard that I had tears in my eyes. It’s actually two skins, you’ll see in the pictures below:

The hair is Alicia in brown by IrEn. The LOVE tattoo is the answer to going to the Hair Fair with no prims (that’s the name of this skin, actually).  Here’s what happens when you go to Hair Fair wearing lots of prims 😀

But hey, no matter what, life IS beautiful!

styling and SLURLs

all hairs by IrEn at the Hair Fair (review copies)

skin: I went to Hair Fair by &Bean (cheapie item)

tattoos by !Bang

top and pants: Indie Rose subscriber gift

shoes: Puzzle Chucks by !mpossible (freebie)

prop: Posies (subscriber gift)

poses: porcupine love, old gift to the AOS group