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This is the title of an old, old song which i used to worship. By Kiss. This Let’s Rock set of poses is new and is by Chandni Khondji, owner of HopScotch. Actually they will be sold for charity during the Wear Gray Market which is about to start. Fot more details on the event check the official blog.

I supposed everyone dreamed at some point to be a rock star. I did too. Only I lack the voice, the ear and the skills needed for that. It did not stop me from exercising at home, using spray bottles or flowers as microphones. And SL allows you to be whatever you want to be. So here I am a rock star!

What you need: some leather pants. No hesitation here, my old old Fugitive outfit from V-Twins will never go out of fashion. Next: boots. These ones from Kalnins are perfect, they are well made and allow o to change colors every way you want so you basically have dozens of pairs in one.

Also needed: a sexy top. I got this one from Dot Fashion, a store that recently open in SL. This is a lucky board prize, but if you don’t have the patience to wait for your letter, it only costs L$40.

What else: rocker chick hair. I have this style for a long time from Hype. I think it was a group gift. You should check the store anyway, they have lucky chair and regular gifts.

And here’s moniq rocking the garage again:

What else you need to know: The pose set comes with two microphones, one for the left hand and one for the right hand. Poses are also mirrored, so they work no matter which hand you use for the mic.

And now for the credits:

Poses: Let’s Rock by  HopScotch for Wear Gray (review copy)

Skin: JoSje preview for group by Dutch Touch

Hair: Languish in Platinum by Hype

Top: lucky board prize by Dot Fashion

Pants: Fugitive (part of outfit) by V-Twins

Shoes: Fall Boots by Kalnins Footwear

Set: Garage by Glitterati