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Lets set this straight from the beginning: this post is about jackets. And shoes. And that alone, ok? I only used Elika’s new hair cause there is no way to take it off. But I am not blogging it. Not!

Yeah, well, who am I kidding? Yes, Elikapeta Tiramisu is back and yes, she made hair, and yes, I needed to have it and yes, I know it is already all over the feeds. But those who loved ETD hair will definitely forgive me and those who don’t know ETD will understand why they need this hair. I have a crush on my avatar now. You will understand why after you see the pics.

Anyway, back to jackets: two items today, to get you ready for the cold autumn season. First, a hot violet jacket that is available as gift for Vinyl Cafe group members. It’s all prims, no clothing layers,  but comes around smoothly even people like me who lack the ability to adjust prims.

Did you see?  That is Rumor, Elika’s new hair. I sooo love it! The skin is also a win, it’s by Your Skin & Your shape and I got it from The Dressing Room. They go sooo well together!

And the second jacket for today, a subscriber gift from DaMa. I mixed it with my new G Field shoes, because I love them. They also come with a hairpin which you’ll see in the Rumor hair, which also has a forelock option and which, I repeat, I am not blogging 😀

Styling and SLURLs

Look 1:

jacket: Violet Trench by Vinyl Cafe (group gift) here


Look 2:

jacket: Brick Jacet by DaMa (subscrber gift)

shoes: Lady Rose shoes by G Field (hair rose included)

Worn in both pics:

hair: Rumor and Rumor 2 by Elikatira (essentials pack) available on the SL Marketplace

skin: Caroline Sweet by YS&YS at The Dressing Room

pants: low-rise jeans by Fri.day

poses: Deeposed and Posies