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There are several events going on on the grid or about to start these days. For the love of Halloween is one of them. There are lots of cute Halloween-themed items and also a hunt, so you have more than one reason to go there. Plus, the Call for Couture festival will start on the 9th, and that’s a place to get exclusive and one of a kind items. (It is the 10th of October actually). This post is about both events.

Here’s some of RezIpsa Loc’s items for FTLO and CFC. I already blogged her Cout hair here. The jeans are also a release for Call for Couture. The top and hair are available at the FTLO event, along with a hunt item, also a witch hair, shown in the next pic:

Want more hunt prizes? Here’s one by Mina and you have to search for it at the Halloween fair. The dress worn in the next two pics is called Newsie and will be released at the CFC event.

This hair is a special version of Lulu, one of my favorite styles ever and yes, you can get it for free! And here’s Mina’s Halloween hair,a rather unusual style, which I love for its uniqueness

Styling and SLURLs:

Look 1:

hair: Eliza is a witch by RezIpsa Loc (FTLO)

top: Black and Orange Striped Long Sleeve by RezIpsa Loc (FTLO)

jeans: Couture jeans blue by RezIpsa Loc for CFC

shoes: Square-toe Shoes “Sophie” -autumn leaf- by G Field

Look 2:

hair: Jane’s a witch by RezIpsa Loc (FTLO hunt)

top: Skeleton T-shirt by RezIpsa Loc (FTLO)

Look 3:

hair: Lulu in dark chocolat by Mina (FTLO hunt)

dress: Newsie dress by Relentless Couture for CFC

Look 4:

hair: Radella in Black and snowflake by Mina (FTLO)

dress: Newsie dress by Relentless Couture for CFC

Worn in all pics: Ryese Riesling skin by Dulce Secrets (group gift)

Poses: !Bang

SLURLs provided are for the mainstores. Here’s your taxi to FTLO Halloween

Until CFC opens, on October 10th, check the flickr stream to see more designs.