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I did not pay much attention t Halloween, though the pumpkin-orange-witch-blood-funny-hunts-events-and-other-cool-stuff kinda caught me. I even changed my Plurk name. Twice! Still, i’ve only done a couple of posts on the theme. I always thought “hey, there’s still time”. Well, looks there’s not much time. So i give you pumpkins!

Yeah, pumpkins and vampire tees. Now I’m ready for Halloween! The T-shirt on moniq is one of the items by RezIpsa Loc available at the FTLO Halloween Gatcha festival. You can get three T-shirts, one hairstyle  and two pairs of jeans, for L$25 per try. You will see more in the next pic. The jeans are part of a gift set at the new store on the Lucid sim. There are several stores on the sim and you can find there many cute gifts.

The pumpkins are part of a pose set by HopScotch, called Juggle your pumpkins. It comes with three poses, wearable pumpkins and an extra pumpkin that you can rez and sit on. Cute, cute, cute!

This I skull you tee is my favorite 😀 If you want to see the third tee and the other jeans, they are on my Flickr. Or jsut go gatcha!

Styling and SLURLs:

skin: Irina Pale in Candy by Amacci (new release)

hair: Ivy in Luminous Blonde by Modd G (free at the store)

T-shirts and jeans in the second pic: gatcha items by RezIpsa Loc at the FTLO Halloween event

pants in the second pic: couture jeans in purple by RezIpsa Loc (free at the store)

poses: Juggle your pumpkins set by HopScotch