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In fact, she’s more than pretty. She’s beautiful! Rita is the latest release of Tik Tok, a store that I discovered recently and that I like more and more, with every new release. Miah McAuley, the creator and owner of the store, must have a thing for lips. And lipstick. So do I, both in RL and SL. Rita’s lips are well defined and sensual. Of course, the one with red lipstick is already in my favorite skins folder. And if you want natural makeup, you can find one to suite your taste.

Rita comes in five skin tones and five makeups.I’m showing you three of them and for the full body pics i decided to test my shadows skills. To give you an idea of how it looks with shadows on 😀

Those are the dark, medium and fair tones. Tan and dark tan are also available. And here’s a close-up with the makeups. The tones are quite random and, of course, you will see the red lipstick twice. I couldn’t help it 😀

I love those lips! By the way, Tik Tok is also participating in the call for couture event, with a lovely version of Rita. I’ve already blogged it, so if you want to see it, go here.

Here’s what moniq is wearing:

skin: Rita by Tik Tok (new release, review copy)

hair: say by elikatira (remember ETD, right?) free at the store

pants: Bootay shorts by KHUSH (part of outfit, previously blogged)

shoes: Laced Ankle Boots available at the Heartsick Spooky Hunt

jewelry:  Stain Glass Greens bangles and earrings by Dark Mouse

poses: Glitterati for Breast Cancer Awareness (free)