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This color challenge gives me a lot of headaches. We’re having Goldenrod this week and believe me, this was not easy! And no, I’m not wearing a certain jacket, Luna! :))))

Here’s what I came up with in the end:

And this clearly made me change my mind about inventory cleaning. I’ll never delete stuff again, cause you never know when you need it!

Good thing is that some designers release new stuff in the week’s color, cause this is a lot of help. Such as this Boom thermal, which saved me a lot of searching in my inventory (gold and goldenrod never return enough results :D). Also, thanks to Baby Monkey, I had those lovely boots, even free! I was happy to wear again one of my favorite hairstyles, Thulani by Mina, and I admit I cheated a little bit here, because I tinted the hairband to look more goldenrodish. The rest of the items were well hidden in my inventory, but I found them!

Sorry for the red lines on the pics, I still need to learn how to handle that thing. And others, for that matter 😀

Styling and SLURLs:

skin: Bony by Tik Tok (includes tatoo layer lipsticks)

hair: Thulani in Blackite by Mina

top: Warmth Termal in Goldenrod by Boom (new release)

skirt: Katrina Gold by a piece of candy (part of dress)

jacket: LaFemme jacket Ginger by SG Fashion

boots: Surrey Boots in Goldenrod by Baby Monkey

belt: Cognac belt by YS&YS

broche: tackered owl in gold/orange by undefined lilies

nails: Sunflower prim nails and ring by Love Soul

eyes: Zbilja spirit in Goldenrod by Exodi

lashes: Vixen

poses: exposeur