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Oh hai, are you waiting for the With love from… hunt? Here’s more goodies so you know what to expect :))) Remember, the hunt only starts on the 26th, but it’s time to get ready for it :)) Each item will cost L$10, but it is worth a lot more, so have your virtual pockets prepared :p

All pics are shot in this gorgeous Amelie skybox that you’ll get as prize from Awesome Blossom. moniq is wearing a dress by SySy and I must admit I’ve been waiting for some time to get my hands on this one. Since I saw SySy posting the first pic on Plurk, actually :)) You can wear it as a long dress or as a short one and has two optional rose attachments for the chest. The skin is Elvira by CandyDoll and it made me giggle cause i have an aunt called Elvira, but she does not look like this skin at all. Ok, she’s 90 years old, but still :)))

For the second pic, I chose an outfit called In love. You will find it as hunt prize at Nemesis and comes with accessories too. The skin is Miranda by !Imabee, also featured in my previous WLF post, but I thought you should have a better look:

You’ve probably seen it already, but I have to mention this lovely Heartsick skin, also a prize in the WLF hunt. It comes in four tones and has no cleavage, mild cleavage and cleavage options, plus optional beauty marks. None of these is on tattoo layers, so this might be just the perfect skin for you, if you are not using a 2.0 compatible viewer. The lovely dress will be the hunt prize at Ivalde, one of the best places to go for vintage fashion.

Yeah, another damn red line on my snapshot. I will find out why my PS does that and fix it. I will, sometime. However, there’s one more pic for you today. I know it’s kind of too much, but those prizes must be shown, they are to pretty. As all good stories and movies must have something hot or dramatic or surprising in the end, I decided to save his Azul dress for the end of my post, because it is spectacular enough to make you say it was worth reading till the end (ok, scroll down till the end :D).

Styling and SLURLs:

Look 1:

Dress: Withlove dress by SySy (WLF hunt prize)

Skin: Elvira by CandyDoll (WLF hunt prize)

Look 2:

Outfit: In love by Nemesis (WLF hunt prize)

Shoes: Ruby Kurvy Slippers by Nardcotix (not from the hunt)

Skin: Miranda by !Imabee (WLF hunt prize)

Look 3:

Dress: Sarina Gold by Ivalde (WLF hunt prize)

Shoes: Bow Strap Shoes Kate in Black by G Field (not from the hunt)

Skin: Ayame by Heartsick (WLF hunt prize)

Look 4:

Dress: Cordelia by Azul (WLF hunt prize)

Worn in all pics:

Hair: Melike in black by LiNe (WLF hunt prize)

Poses: LAP and Idea Motus (Both WLF hunt prizes)

Skybox: Amelie by Awesome Blossom

Find more on the WLF hunt prizes here. And check the feeds 🙂