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I must admit that this week’s color challenge was even more difficult than last week’s. Cause a “plum” search in my ever-increasing and ever-surprising inventory returned many items in various colors. I mean VERY various. And I mean colors, not shades. So in the end I decided to have moniq wear what I wanted. It said “plum”, right? 😀 Erm.. almost. Grape is close to plum, if you ask me. And I added a background to suit the theme.

The Ricielli coat, of which I only used the upper part, is available at the Dressing Room Blue in the coming two weeks. The skirt is by Mischief, shoes are the current gift for subscribing for G Field updates. You probably know the hair by now: it’s Dernier Cri’s 111 item. Well, one of them. And the lovely skin is Tuli’s latest group gift. Total love, it made my day. The only accessory that moniq is wearing is a necklace by je suis, which I chose because it is very customizable and you can pick any color you want for stones, gems, diamonds, metals or whatever else you can think of. Here’s a closer look:

Styling and SLURLs:

skin: Audrey by Tuli (group gift)

hair: Paige II by Dernier Cri for One Eleven

top: Donna coat in grape by Ricielli for the Dressing Room Blue

skirt: Up or down skirt in plum by Mischief

stockings: Coco’s Russian Revolution by Aleida (part of an outfit, not sure if they’re still available)

shoes: Bow Strap Shoes Kate in plum by G Field (gift for subscribing)

necklace: celebre by je suis

poses: agapee