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Oh hai, I’m taking winter snapshots! Of course, moniq is wearing a short sleeve top and no stockings with her boots. I guess that’s part of the SL fun, being able to walk on a snowy sim with frozen trees and feel no cold. Who needs a jacket, right?:D

Instead, let’s focus on some great new releases and hunt prizes, that would make winter even more interesting. The top is called Mia and is one of the new releases at Khush, the skirt is new in store by Boom – and you will love it cause it has leg attachments under the main prim skirt, which allows you to walk and take pics without having the glitch pants coming out of it. Plus, the ribbon is color change, to suit your taste 🙂 The scarf is also color change and I made it to match the skirt. It is also a new release, by je suis, and it is called chaude. which means warm. which I like :p

The boots are the Diamond is Mine prize at Mimi’s Choice  – and hurry, the hunt ends tomorrow, and the skin is the With Love From… hunt prize at Lara Hurley. I love this skin, did I tell you that already? Probably, but it’s worth saying it again. And here’s a closer look:

Styling and SLURLs:

skin: Milla by Lara Hurley Skin (WLF hunt)

hair: Melanie in Burnt Embers by Mina

top: Mia in rose by Khush (new)

skirt: Love Me Skirt in Indigo by Boom (new)

scarf: chaude by je suis (new)

boots: Foxy black leather boots by FJ Design at Mimi’s Choice (DIM hunt, ends onthe 30th)

Poses: Gesticulate