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Before anything else, I have an announcement to make: Laq gave out a free skin! Yes, that’s true! I never thought Laq skins were suited for moniq’s face, though I really like them and I sometimes look with  envy at the bloggers who showcase Laq and look awesome in it. Still, this Vilda special make-up sent as Christmas gift looks pretty good on moniq… so I might just change my mind 😀

I was so excited about this skin, that I took the pictures with the outfit I had already made, so there’s no match between the skin and the clothing. I hope you can forgive me for that :p

moniq is wearing a cozy sweater from The Secret Store, where I promised myseld not to go to anymore, because it always gets me broke 😀 You should go, though, because everything there is insanely cheap and you can also get freebies, hunt prizes and So 2011 secret sale. The boots are by G Field and I must love them badly, since this is the second post in a week featuring them. Truth is that whenever I want new shoes I somehow end up there. The skirt is a new release by Garage and, besides being short, it is a lot sexier than it seems from this pic.

The Paige hair by Dernier Cri is one of the exclusive items in the One Eleven event. Still 25 packs available in this shade.

Styling and SLURLs:

skin: Vilda in Peach, Christmas make-up by Laq (subscriber gift)

hair: Paige II – blondes and reds pack by Dernier Cri for One eleven

sweater: Ribbon sweater white by The Secret Store

skirt: Pretty mini skirt by Garage (new)

boots: Long fur cuff boots in pink by G Field

prop&poses: Out of the window, X-mas edition by HopScotch