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This lovely dress by Miao is perfect for me. It’s black, 😀 it’s very simple and yet very classy. Exactly hat I would wear in RL for a special occasion. So if you go to a New Year fancy party in SL, it could be a great choice for you. Plus, it comes both with a sculpted and a flexi version of the skirt.


I added to this lovely gown the Ice Queen skin by Curio, which is available as group gift. Yesterday the group was open for enrollment, and free of charge, so you can give it a try. The Noella hair by 3636 is free at the store. The poses for this post, by Gesticulate, were made especially for this dress. And they are pretty! 🙂

I don’t know if the accessories I used are still available, but I will still show them, because I want you to take a closer look at this skin 🙂

Styling and SLURLs:

skin:  Ice Queen in Sundust by Curio (group gift)

hair: Noella by 3636 (free at the store)

dress: Rosalie Onyx Gown by Miao

necklace: Dayani Pearl Necklace by Pacadi Jasha

hair attachment: Munich by Atomic Bambi

poses: Rosalie by Gesticulate