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Of course I’m not in the mood for New Year’s Eve preparations, so I’m pretending I’m busy blogging. After all, I have lots of news for you. And that includes gifts too!

Before we start with the pics, I want to say a big thank you to all designers who sent review copies to me. More than the copies themselves, the fact that they like my blog enough and trust me to show their new releases means a lot to me and makes me want to improve my blog. Also, a big thank you to the bloggers who supported me even since I was a noob in blogging. They made me want to keep doing this, when I thought it was useless and worthless. Last, but not least, a big thank you to all the people who drop by and read my blog and maybe find it useful. Though I’m blogging cause I like it, watching the blog stats makes my heart beat faster every time.

Now, that I ended the year on this emo note, we can move forward to the snapshots of the day. :p

moniq is wearing Olga, the latest release of Natural Beauty (formerly Tik Tok). Here’s the dark version, you will see lighter tones in the pics below. The Domina boots are the January releases by Baby Monkey. The Antonia hair, John glasses and jewelry set are new from Dark Mouse. And there’s something great about that necklace! Check this pic:

Truth is, you see the back of your avatar most of the time, right? That’s what Mouse had in mind when making that necklace. Also in this pic, moniq is wearing the Sabrina hair and Cateye glasses by Dar Mouse, the new Audrey Pumps by Baby Monkey. Also, Olga in tan. Speaking of gifts, Natural Beauty has a skin gift for group members, which I already blogged here.

Moving on to the next pic, featuring Olga in the fair tone, the Kate hair by Dark Mouse and the new Madden pumps by Baby Monkey. A green version of these is available as gift for group members.

Last but not least, I promised you gifts. And here’s a pic: Dark Mouse has the Alex style, retextured, free for all store visitors. I liked it before, I love it with the new textures. You will love it too!

Styling and SLURLs:

skins: Olga by Natural Beauty (formerly Tik Tok)

hairs, glasses and accessories: Dark Mouse (new releases)

pants: High Hot Pants in black by Boom

all shoes: Baby Mokey (January releases)

poses: Glitterati (you can still find everything for sale, but hurry up cause it will end soon!)