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Leukemia is a nasty disease. It attacks viciously and strikes hard. It is more mean to the young ones than the elderly. I lost my grandfather to leukemia, but it took almost 10 years to get him down, without the chemo. Two years ago, an ex-colleague of mine found out that her husband had it just two days before she gave birth to their first child. And the only child. He did not make it.

Last year, this time, a friend of mine was fighting for her daughter’s life. She had a severe form of leukemia and chances were she needed a transplant. Fortunately, this is a battle won. The little girl has been in remission for more than six months and she stands a good chance of not falling again. But the pain of the mother was more than anyone should feel.

Now, a girl that I don’t know was diagnosed with leukemia. Her name is Kajsa and she is only three. She needs intensive chemo and all the support she can get. The treatment is rough and expensive. One of her friends, fellow blogger and designer Voshie Paine, is organizing a fundraiser for Kajsa. The event, called My Second Childhood, starts today and needs all the help we can get. Several designers are providing creations for the event, with profits going to Kajsa’s parents, to pay for her treatment. Please stop by and make a purchase or a donation. You can give hope – and a chance – to a little girl who did nothing wrong and who deserves to live a wonderful life, just like any other child deserves that.

The event lasts for two weeks and many designers have already put out items at the special event venue and in their stores. More items will be added during the event.

Here’s the list of designers participating so far:

BeScene Poses
Lianna Shippe
Style by Kira
Shades of October
Rock Me Amadeus (available at her store)
Sweet Romance Furniture
!Just Kidding!
ORION (available at his store)
Zaara also has a donation jar set out at her shop.

And here’s the taxi to My Second Childhood location.