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… if you only looked at this picture:

Perfect skin, professional make-up, sophisticated updo, pearls…. but guess what: she’s not!

I was inspired for this look – and this post, by the very very short (yes, it IS short) dress by Magoa. I bought it at the My Second Childhood fundraiser for Kajsa, a little girl diagnosed with leukemia. More on this event here and here. It is green, and that’s my favorite color, which you probably know already. The texture makes me think of one of those heavy Scarlett O”Hara dresses seen in Gone with the wind. And it’s soooo short and sexy! Then Jaxie Oceanlane, owner of Rose River Saloon, passed me her Humpday Happines item, these absolutely hot lace sandals. I added the R.icielli jacket available at The Dressing Room… and then it hit me: this has to be an “uptown girl” post. Remember Billy Joel?

So i dug in my inventory for the right accessories. The jewelry was easy, they were right in my Dark Mouse folder. The hat gave me a lot of trouble, cause I had no white hats, except for the summer straw ones. But then I saw “tintable” near to a hat hidden in an old outfit by LaRosa. Bingo! The cane, with it’s own AO, pumped up from my Grandma folder. Remember that awesome gift we got last year from Baiastice? Yes, the old lady closet. I knew I’d use it one day.

And one more pic, just because I like how they came out. The second set, I mean. The first set had a black line in the middle of each snapshot ­čśÇ

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Vilda in Peach by Laq (subscriber gift)

Hair: Rina in Vivid Blond by Amacci (hair sale there, see more goodies here)

Dress: Mountain Dew Dress by Magoa for My Second Childhood ( details here and here)

Jacket: R.icielli for The Dressing Room

Shoes: River Queen by Rose River Saloon for 69L Hump Day Happiness

Hat: Winston Hat Tintable (yay!) by LaRosa

Earrings: Vintage 50’s Pearl Stud Clip by Dark Mouse

Necklace: Whimsy by Dark Mouse

Cane with AO: BehaviorBody for Grandma avatar by Baiastice (free at the store)