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In less than two days, depending on your time zone, a small building will open to the public. The place is crowded with awesome items from many of SLs hottest designers. And newer (to me, at least) designers who made awesome for the first edition of Chic Limited event. Remember those “New year, new resolutions” teaser? Well, we’re almost there!

What you can find at the event is items made especially for it, which you can’t find in designers stores until the event ends. Some designers put out full outfits, others have exclusive colors of a certain oufit, and all are worth a place in your inventory. You can read more about the event here, meanwhile let’s get down to the pics:

The dress is by Peqe and comes in two versions, and so are the shoes. The chair, which is texture-change and comes with several sexy poses, is Adorkable’s item for the event. The jewelry is by Je suis, also made for Chic Limited, but you will see more of it in one of my coming posts, cause it deserves a closer look.

In the second pic, you will see one of the three outfits that Chantkare made for Chich Limited, plus Mudhoney’s item, which comes with chairs with built-in poses. Cute ones, actually 🙂

Finally, I really needed to show you Addict’s item,  a hairstyle with knit cap – actually two knit cap versions in lots of colors. I’ve been dreaming of it since I saw the first pic of this hair, on Plurk :p

Styling and SLURLs:

Worn in all pics:

Skin: London Sienna – Dolled by Cupcakes

Worn in the first two pics:

Hair attachment: Nero 1 by Glam Affair (old hunt item)

Hairbase: Black tattoo hairbase by Exodi

Pic 1:

Dress: Blender v2 by Peqe for Chic Limited

Shoes: G Wedge Blender V3 by Peqe for Chic Limited

Jewelry: douce soft by je suis for Chic Limited

Chair with poses: Brazen Hussy Chair by Adorkable for Chic Limited

Pic 2:

Outfit: Hari Ensemble 2011 by Chantkare for Chic Limited

Shoes: G Wedge Blender by Peqe for Chic Limited

Furniture with poses:Breitman Entrance Set by Mudhoney for Chic Limited

Pic 3:

Hair: Brielle by Addict for Chic Limited

The event starts on January 15th, when the location will be made public.

Find more details about the event here.