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I seem to have a bad habit of posting pics on this blog about 24 hours after shooting them. What could have been a new hot freebie becomes an old hot freebie. What could be a hot new limited item becomes an everybody-else-blogged-this-hot-new-limited-item. The good news is many read the feeds once a day and my post could be the first they see 😀

Now let’s leave this whine o’clock behind and get to the point. This is supposed to be my Indigo look, but as usual, I’m not really sure what Indigo looks like. On the other hand, I love this dress. And the mix of  brownish and Indigoish. And this SMS fur jacket that is one of the awesomest prizes of one of the awesomest hunts on the grid.

And I also love those Orion boots that are the awesomest no-heel boots that I have in my inventory and that are available at the Chic Limited event, which opened last night, which I failed to announce. Please, skip the self-criticism of this post, after all you’re here for the pics, right?:p

The hair with beanie (which I tinted to make it the same tone with the dress) is the Seasons Hunt prize at elikatira. You’ve been there already and got it, right? The skin is the latest gift for Heartsick VIP group members, a beta of the new Spirit skin. Yap, that’s a paid group, but now’s the time to invest in group, cause our Linden parents gave us more slots to play with.

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Spirit Rapture – Beta by Heartsick (VIP group gift)

Hair: Frost by elikatira (Seasons Hunt prize)

Dress: Knitted dress in blue by Garage

Leggings: Maria leggings brown by Spirit Store

Boots: OG Boots by Orion for Chic Limited (Yap, it’s open!)

Poses: di’s opera (ProPosers Hunt prize)

Find details on the 52 weeks of color challenge on Luna Jubilee’s blog.