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Do you remember Beverly Hills 90210? They had a large impact on my fashion taste and decisions in my highschool years. Short summer skirts and military boots was The It for me at the time. And I must admit it still is, in my heart.

Today’s look was inspired by a dress released last week by Magoa, called “Fit to Print”. I guess that there is an unwritten rule that if you make newspapers in your first life, you must wear them in your second life. Or maybe there was no such rule, but I just invented it. 😀

However, it had to be a look totally inappropriate for going to work, because I sport go-to-work looks in my RL every weekday, right?

So I added this hot leather jacket that the owner of Fierce Designs, Sally Soleil, dropped on me the other day, for a bad girl wannabe look. Actually, it looks a lot like that the leather jackets I saw on MTV those days and dreamed about, but never actually had. My mom would have punched me, she wanted her little daughter to dress nice and behave nice to show off her good wife potential. Well, she lost on that one 😀 The only downside of this jacket is that it comes with a bling script in it. But the jacket is mod, so I removed it and, many years later, I have in SL the jacket of my highschool dreams! And moniq is actually wearing it in the second pic :p

The boots are oldies but goldies, I got them long ago from a lucky chair at Studio M’z and I’m not sure that they’re still available. But I care a lot about them, the way I loved my first military boots, so they are perfect for this nostalgic look.

To complete the look, I added the gothique necklace by je suis and a set of red nails with jewelry by A&A, which match the lipstick of this Glam Affair skin. And voila!

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Sofia by Glam Affair (old hunt prize)

Hair: Baby Cocoa by Analog Dog (free)

Dress: Fit to Print by Magoa (new)

Jacket: Sexy leather jacket by Fierce Designs (new, part of outfit)

Boots: Lace up Boots by Studio M’z

Necklace: gothique by je suis

Nails: Dangerous Nails by A&A Fashion

Poses: EverGlow