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I suppose the  Belleza group gift is no longer news. An I bet you know already that Khush released several hot to celebrate the remake of their store. However, I like them too much, so you’ll just have to see them again :p

This one is called Better Luck Next Time and that is actually what’s written on the back of this top. That text makes it my favorite. And no, that ugly line on moniq’s cleavage is not a skin flaw, cause Erika is perfect, but has to do with the shadow pics. So let’s move on!

And this one is see-though! I like that a lot. I used to wear such tops in my younger and wilder days. I sometimes miss those days:D

And last, but not least, here comes the UnZip top. One word for it: sexy!

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Erika in sunkissed by Belleza (group gift, it has a join fee)

Hair: Cafe Misto in brow by Loq Hairs

All tops by Khush (new releases)

Jeans: Pretty jeans by Garage

Poses: Embody (Midnight Mania prize)