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Hi, I’am a tattoo layer addict. And for those of you using a viewer that does not allow multiple layers, you have to know that layering makeups one above the other is so much fun! It was a bit disappointing to find out that you can add up to six layers (according to Google, five according to my own viewer), I kinda needed 10 for this post, but I suppose I’ll just have to live with that 😀

Kozmetica is a divine place, in case you did not know it! There’s a wide choice of eye shadows and eye makeups and lipsticks and blushes and about anything that can be made on a tattoo layer to make your face look prettier or fancier or simply “you”. Because you can take any skin and give it your own touch with just a little makeup, to make sure that you don’t look like anyone else on the grid. Here’s two of my picks:

This look was made using three layers from Boom – an eye shadow, an eyeliner and a mascara, plus a lipgloss by Cheap Makeup. And guess what: moniq has no prim lashes! This is the first time she goes out in public without them. The tattoo layers can work just fine, especially since you don’t get to spend hours editing them 😛

The second pic also features Boom for the eye makeup, but I switched to Pididdle for lipstick. Their new cosmetic line rocks, lots of color, teeth and no teeth options for the lipstick and so on. And guess what, moniq is wearing the tester in this pic!

Plus, you get awesome gifts if you visit Kozmetika, because many of the creators participating have put out gifts and dollarbies for visitors. And there’s also an awesome contest!

If you’re wondering about the jewelry in this post, it is all because of BehaviorBody. They have a new mainstore and they released new poses on this occasion. The ones used in this post are from the Passion Jewelry set, wich comes with 22 poses, a hud and a pose stand, to make them more user-friendly. I used the hud, because after one year of taking snapshots, I am finally beginning to understand that it’s easier than inventory search 😀

And here’s the look of today (or rather yesterday, when I took those pics :D), including a new top by Magoa, lovely Fore leggings from the Euphoria sim hunt and my all time favorite Kookie shoes.

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Brooke sunkissed by Dekade (no longer available)

Eye makeup: Down to Basics pink, Liquid glaze purple, Express Mascara (three coats)  by Boom for Kozmetika

Lipstick: Seventeen Lip Gloss 3 by Cheap Makeup for Kozmetika

Hair: Bianca in ash by Exile

Top: Wannabe shirt in purple by Magoa

Necklace: Maisy in purple by Iced for Chic Limited

Look 2:

Skin: Erika in sunkissed by Belleza (group gift, has join fee)

Eye makeup: Flatter my eyes blue, Liquid glaze (lashed) turquoise and Express mascara (three coats) by Boom for Kozmetika

Lipstick: Lip color glossy bare all /no teeth (Tester) by Pididdle cosmetics for Kozmetika

Hair: New hair 148, A, by W&Y

Top: Wannabe shirt in teal by Magoa

Leggings: Glitter PT blue by Fore (Euphoria hunt)

Shoes:  Powder Puff – Jade by Kookie

Jewelry: Mermaid set by Ganked

Poses: Passion Jewelry by BehaviorBody