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Chic Limited opens tomorrow, and here’s a new preview of the lovely items there! Plus some wonderful finds in the Icon Birthday Hunt, which started today.

Before you say anything, I confess: moniq is wearing pink! There are some people on the grid who can make me love pink! Oh, and moniq smokes too, but that should not be a surprise since here typist is a passionate smoker.

Ok, that’s not quite baby pink, so we’re just fine :p

The top is by Magoa, it comes in three colors and will be available as of tomorrow at the Chic Limited event. It comes in two versions, with or without bow. You’ll see the bow in the next pic. Also from Chic Limited are the Anti-Fierce Valentine wedges by Peqe. They have a matching dress too! The Fatale pack of poses, with cigarettes included, are di’s opera item for Chic Limited.

The skin is by Tuli and is an Icon Hunt prize. So is the Paganini set, which is one of the new releases at Mood. Some of the stores set their items free, for others you will have to pay a few lindens. The Tuli skin is free, the Mood set is L$20, which, for a new release, is  insanely cheap! Oh, and I’m in love with that set!

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Tanya / bronze :: ISSD bday 2011 by Tuli for the Icon Birthday Hunt

Hair: New16 type A by W&Y

Tops: Peepshow shirts in Pink and Black by Magoa for Chic Limited

Hotpants: Glitter pants in black by LeeZu (subscriber and inworld group gift)

Shoes: G-Wedges: Anti-Fierce V by Peqe for Chic Limited

Jewelry: Paganini in Cooper by Mood for the Icon Birthday Hunt

Poses: Fatale by di’s opera for Chic Limited

Taxi to the Icon Birthday Hunt!

Update: Chic Limited is open, here’s your taxi!