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Ok, I admit, I had to do a Valentine’s day blogpost! And moniq is wearing pink! But you see, red hearts on pink lingerie can make me change my mind about things! Oh, and check moniq’s shoes!

The Existence sim is (still) holding a Sweetheart sale and some stores have special items released for Valentines. It ends at midnight though, so you better hurry!

The pants, the lingerie and the jewelry are Boom specials for the Sweetheart event. The chair and table are part of the set that Cheeky Pea released for Chic Limited. It also includes a pet bed and since the grid has gone wild about breedables recently, maybe it’s a good idea to have one! The BeciLia Alessa skin is on sale for L$100 this week.

Now for the shoes! The awesome Lady T sandals in snakeskin were sent as gift for the Pixel Mode subscriber members. It doesn’t have history, so you can’t get them after they are sent, but be sure you subscribe, because you can get awesome gifts in the future!

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Alessa Dark 6 by BeciLia

Hair: New 148 by W&Y

Bra, panties and jewelry: Boom for the Sweethart event

Sandals: Lady T in Snake Skin w/silver by Pixel Mode

Chair with poses and table: Cheeky Pea for Chic Limited