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After two difficult weeks, Luna Jubilee made it easy for everybody for this week’s color challenge. Sky blue is a lovely color and a lot more user-friendly. I made a cute, casual look for this color, with my eyes on the upcoming summer. I hope it is coming after all, cause I’m tired of always being cold. So here’s a warm-up!

The pants are by Riddle and are available at Fashion for Life, the Duh flats are also made for that event – and a different color is the prize in the hunt going on on FFL sims. The top is part of a lovely dress by OuTRage and the skin is the latest group gift at JesyLilo. But hurry, it will only be available three days and, if you get there in time, you get eight skins as gift!

The prop is by Clutter, it is actually a beach of your own, with beach and towels and palm trees – and candles. It only has 25 prim, has 14 built-in animations and is available for this week’s Taste of SL.

Speaking of candles, here’s a close-up so you can see them and also the skin and a pair of cute earrings by Fab.Pony. You can get them – or seven other colors – if you play the gatcha at Fashion for Life.

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: :BaBy::*LightSkin* by JeSyLiLO (group gift)

Hair: Amber in black by Mina

Top: Cameo (light blue) by OuTRage (part of dress)

Pants: Corduroy Pants – Pale Blue by Riddle for Fashion for Life

Shoes: Floral Linen Flats Sky by Duh! for Fashion for Life

Earrings: “Fantasy60” Earrings (Blue Universe) by Fab.Pony for Fashion for Life (gatcha prize)

Prop: Spring Break Staycation by Clutter for Taste of SL