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That would be apparel, accessories, skin, hair, of course. But there’s more than that. It’s people. The real people behind the pixel cuties on the screen. And meeting wonderful people in SL is worth celebrating. And today I celebrate the gift I have been given of meeting LisaMun Aronowicz. She is a great blogger and an even greater person, so lovely and supportive. And she agreed to take a pic with me, for this blog post!

The prop used for this post is the one that actually made me want to do this post with LisaMun. It was a gift from Katey Coppola of Glitterati, who asked on Plurk to name out best friend or favorite person in SL. It took me maybe 1/100 of a second to think who’s my fav SLer. Cause I knew that it would be LisaMun. Because she is that awesome! And back to the prop, it is called Holding on and will be available at the Pose Fair as of tomorrow.

There’s one more thing that you need to know: the dress on moniq is One of the 50 of a kind. This is a new event on the grid: every two weeks,  several designers have at their store a limited edition item. Only the  first 50 people can buy it and then it’s gone! Yesterday, when I went to Peqe for this dress, only 30 were still available, so run!

Styling and SLURLs:

On moniq

Skin: Enigma – Sienna – Peacock by Cupcakes

Hair: MODEL HAIR FREE 2″ALL” by W&Y (free at the store)

Dress: Denim Flow/Stone by Peqe (50 of a Kind)

Necklace: Marrakesh Shell Choker (Multil) by GCD (part of bikini set)

Prop: Holding on by Glitterati for the Pose Fair (Here’s your taxi!)

To see what LisaMun is wearing, check her blog!