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As much as I’m scared of bikes, I love them. Especially if they are choppers. It’s true that I have a soft spot for a pink one, but that’s another story 😉

SL bikes are cooler cause I’m not afraid of them, not even at sim crossings. Ad the ones in this photo are hot, baby, hot! Cause they are low prim and you can use them on RP sims, cause the design is awesome and they are easy to use and cause they are available at the Project FUR Japan event, which is now open, and they are set to a price lower than in the store. That’s L$500 lower! All sales in the event go to the rescue and shelter of the animal survivors of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. So it’s twice a win!

And if that pic was not enough to make hit the TP button, check this out!

This baby is just amazing! I almost see myself forgetting my fear and actually riding such a bike in RL. Well, if I could make it stay on wheels 😀 Ok, time to stop staring at the pic and tell you abut the outfit 😀

The BabyDoll hair by Truth is also available at Project FUR Japan and is an awesome deall for all fashionistas. A whole-full-fat-awesome-pack of Truth hair for only L$300! AND there’s more: it comes in two versions, with and without the color-change band and has streak option for both of them. What, are you still here?

Well, if you are, you win. Cause you get to find out that the lovely Galina skin by Natural Beauty is also available at Project FUR Japan and it’s only L$99!

The top on moniq is a pretty new release by Cool Beans and the Luck Inc jeans are also pretty new. And please let me know where I can order them in RL, please, cause they are pretty much the jeans of my dreams. I know I said that about other jeans before, but you can never have enough jeans, right? The Pixel Mode shoes are not new, but they fit the outfit perfectly. For my taste, that is.

And, of course, the poses. While the first one was courtesy of the bike, the ones in the second and third pic are by Di’s Opera and are new releases for the Pose Fair. If you can get in, TP me, cause I have some more shopping to do there!

“And now can we please get to the close-up? You’re writing too much!” Well, yes, of course! Cause you need a better look at the skin and hair AND this lovely jewelry set by Dark Mouse!

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Galina by Natural Beauty for Project Fur Japan

Hair: BabyDoll blonde by Truth for Project Fur Japan

Top: Spring Breeze Top by Cool Beans

Jeans: *linc (I’ll tell you the name when I get home)

Shoes: Baby T in Sky by Pixel Mode

Jewelry: Vintage Thrift by Dark Mouse

Poses: Di’s Opera for the Pose Fair

Bikes: Scatterbrain Customs for Project Fur Japan

Read here more about Project FUR Japan