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The new summer collection by Peqe is cute, colorful, and sexy. I love the colors, the texture, the tops, the dresses… of course, I love the green ones more, but they are all cute! And I love the vendors cause they look like real clothes in a store. And since I had The Rack, one of my favorite props by Glitterati, rezzed on my platform, I thought I’d take this snapshot:

See? It wasn’t all green 😀 And that’s not all you can find at Peqe. Better have a look at the brand’s new store on the Chic sim :p

Moniq is also wearing a pay-what-you-want skin by Mango Mango, available at the FreeStyle headquarters, my beloved Gos pumps and a hair style by Angel Hair named after one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul. Also, the Elemental Earth jewelry set is worth trying, cause it looks great.

Styling and SlURLs:

Skin: Sequins Pale by Mango, Mango for FreeStyle HQ (pay-what-you-want, from L$1 on)

Hair: Istanbul – Caramel by Angel Hair

Dress: Colorful by Peqe (all clothes on the rack are also Peqe)

Shoes: Pimp Your Pumps – Point Platform  by Gos

Jewelry: Astro by Elemental Earth Design

Prop: The Rack by Glitterati