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The FTLO Scavenger Hunt is the funniest but one of the most killer hunts ever! You don’t get a list of stores, you don’t get a list of hints and you don’t have a hunt object to look for. What you need to find is an item in the store set for L$1, buy it and get the prize inside. Searching for the discounted items in 50 stores is darn hard (I’m tired after one store) but you basically get two prizes for one linden and it’s totally worth it! Find the item, get the prize and a notecard with the landmark to the next store and maybe a hint.

So here’s the hunt prize by Sweet Antidote (and no, you don’t get to see the discounted items on this blog :D) and the latest group gift by Chain and Vine, Lael II, in a stunning makeup. I’m in love with this skin!

Moniq is also wearing a cool boho bag by Wanda’s, my favorite Gos pumps and a lovely hairstyle by Amacci – there’s a sale going on for all the hair styles in the store and this is one of the latest releases.

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Lael II, tone 7 by Chain and Vine (group gift)

Hair: Maxime – black by Amacci (hair sale)

Dress: Gato – purple by Sweet Antidote (Scavenger Hunt prize)

Shoes: Pimp your pumps – Point Platform  by Gos

Necklace: Birdie by Undefined Lilies

Bag: Boho bag by Wanda’s

Poses: Status