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You won’t believe how much new stuff I have to say in this post. It will probably take me forever to write it!

First, there’s a Jewelry Fair happening in SL later this month. I know there’s been some drama around it, but things are settled now and since there are dozens of great designers on the participating list, I think we should support them. To me, at least, many of the jewelers are new names, so I can’t wait to see all their work! Plus, each creator will set an item for charity with benefits going to Oxfam.

Next, autumn is coming, so Moniq is wearing stockings! (ok, that wasn’t the point of this post). What I actually wanted to say is that Boston Westland is back in SL. If the name does not sound familiar, maybe his old brand does: Atelier la Bubu. I confess I still have some of his old dresses in my inventory. And they’re like 2008 old or something! Now he’s back with a new avatar and a new brand, La Pepa, and his making shoes. Check out the ones Moniq is wearing!

And probably the most amazing thing of all… I changed Moniq’s eyes! To me, eyes are as personal as the shape. You settle for a pair and stick to them. Today, however, I tried on the new Amacci eyes. I was actually looking for a color as similar as possible to my RL eyes, but I forgot about that when I saw this fab green. I think I’ll stick to those for a while.

Plus: sYs released a new lovely skin, named after the stunning PopTart6 Lillehook, with pretty makeup options on tattoo layers and Chantkare has a new pre-fall release, a lovely dress that comes in two colors.

I guess you’re already bored, right? Ok, here’s a pic!

And now back to the Jewelry Fair: Here’s a sneak peek of creations by WTG, a brand that I already love, Elemental Jewelry and DooDads, two stores that are new to me. All these lovely pieces will be available as of September 16, so hold on to your wallets 🙂

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Poptart by sYs

Eyes: Gaze Eyes- deep green by Amacci

Hair: Maggy by Angel Hair for The Fashion Garret

Dress: Clipso by Chantkare

Stockings: Role model by Pr!tty

Shoes: La Pepa

Jewelry: (from left to right) WTG, Elemental Jewelry and DooDads for the Jewelry Fair (coming soon)

Nails: COW – reds by Je suis

Bag: Kelly by Fleshtone

Poses: BehaviorBody

For more info on the Jewelry Fair, check the official blog.