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Yes, this is a mesh post. It should not be very long, because almost everything there was to say was said and what was to be shown was shown. If you need pertinent details – and opinions about mesh, Tanaquil Beaumont has two posts (this one and this one) that are totally worth reading.

So here’s my two cents about it:

I love mesh. I love the way it moves around with the body and not going inside it , I love the fact that this will allow designers to create items that were not possible before due to prim limitations.

I hate mesh. I hate how it changes my shape, shrinking my butt and increasing my breast (yes, my avatar does not have an easy to work with shape). I wonder if designers could provide a clothing layer, besides the alpha layer, to go under the mesh outfit, would it solve the problem? Would it allow us to keep our shapes that we loved and worked hard for?

Mesh accessories rule my world. If mesh clothing is a love/hate episode for me, mesh objects are a love/love episode. They look great, they are resizable, textures seem to fit better and all. I can’t wait to see mesh hair, I think it’s going to be instant love!

Mesh viewers ruined my day 😀 Apparently the SL3.0 (actually any viewer older than 2.7) and Kirstens are not good for my PC. It’s a total hate/hate relationship. 3.0 freezes every few seconds and Kirstens keep my processors up to 90%. Plus, I have no shadows – but I do have weird lines on my screen when I enable shadows. And these are pretty much the only viewers I trust. So what you get today is two rather crappy pics 😀

So there will be no mesh for me for a while. Though some designers already released great mesh items, I did not buy any because I can’t wear them for the time being. So here’s two looks using mostly free mesh items that you might want to try.

The baggy pants are a gift by Spirit and they come in three sizes, so you can choose one that’s closer to your shape. The hat is also mesh made and I love that it’s mod and you can adjust it so much easier that a hat made with several prims.

Next, here’s Baiastice’s first mesh attempt. The lovely dress was sent as gift for group members. Also, Pixeldolls released several pieces of mesh jewelry, so here’s a pair of beautiful earrings.

Styling and SLURLs:

Look 1:

Skin: Addict

Hair: Exile for The Dressing Room Blue

Top: Zenith

Pants: Spirit (free)

Shoes: Gos

Hat: Soren Jaakobs

Bangles: Mood

Look 2:

Skin: Exodi (group gift)

Hair: Nikita Fride for Headquarter

Dress: Baiastice (group gift)

Earrings: Pixeldolls

Poses: Agapee