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I took a tour to Modavia Fashion Week and collected some of the gifts offered by designers for the Modavia group members. You should go and have a look, there’s lots of great new items there!

The outfit is a gift by Coeur Noir and it also includes pants and gloves. The jewelry is by Osakki, the skin is Orage Creation’s gift, the hat was provided by Bliss Couture and the hair attachment is by Kmadd.

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Orage Creations (MFW2011 gift)

Hair: Kmadd (MFW2011 gift)

Hairbase: Exodi

Outfit: Coeur Noir (MFW2011 gift)

Jewelry: Osakki (MFW2011 gift)

Hat: Bliss Couture (MFW2011 gift)

Poses: EverGlow for Tropicalia Bazaar

Taxi to Modavia Fashion Week 2011