I want to believe that people who make beautiful things have beautiful souls. And in some cases I have proof that they do. This post shows beauty and I know that some of the designers who made the items on Moniq are indeed beautiful on the inside. I can assume that the designers that I don’t know are the same, because they make my day brighter.

I made this white look to show you a gorgeous jewelry set by Dark Mouse. It happens that I have a thing for necklaces with flowers, ribbons and all that and it also happens that Dark Mouse makes such necklaces. The set on Moniq is a charity item, with sales going to Oxfam, and you get the set in silver, gold and copper. I chose silver, just like in RL.

I was planning to wear another skin with this white outfit, but then a notice with the latest Belleza group gift came in. I had to try it on. And then take the snapshot. And then stare at it. And yes, they are among the best skin makers in SL!

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Chloe Mocha by Belleza (group gift)

Hair: Wippy black by Aleida

Dress: Krista by Khush

Jewelry: Found things by Dark Mouse for the Jewelry Fair (charity item)

Poses: Just a pose for the Jewelry Fair