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With the mild, gorgeous weather in September and early October, I somehow started to be sure that, against all odds, autumn was never to come. That I would enjoy the sun, the t-shirts, the sandals like… forever. And then it happened. It took me by surprise and I’m totally unprepared.  It’s an ugly grey autumn, like the cricket in the story says (by the way, i hate the ant :D). And like said cricket, I’m just staying here, staring at the fallen leaves, feeling sorry for myself. “I’m so small and sad”, the cricket said…

To overcome this autumn depression, I take shelter in SL. I find a sim where autumn looks warm and pretty, set a windlight that looks even warmer and prettier and there you go! I only wish Moniq could TP me there. It’s really cold and ugly here!

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Layla – natural – clean by Glam Affair

Hair: Ladybug – light brown by Pomme d’Amour

Dress: Chloe by Paper.Doll (Seasons Hunt prize)

Jacket: Augustin open cardigan by Baiastice (TDR blue featured store, L$70)

Earrings: Wish you were here by CoLL for Taste of SL (not very visible here, you’ll see them better on the TOSL blog, they’re amazing!)

Pose: Magnifique for Taste of SL