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Here’s to my favorite family in the whole world (except my own, of course)! I love the Addams Family so much that I even read the book and set the movie theme as ringtone of my phone. The items used in this post were definitely not meant to dress up Wednesday, but guess what? I think I made a great Addams girl!

The dress used in this post (the latest Chantkare group gift) is called Black Widow. The skin is called Inocencia and is a new release by Matrioska, the new brand of Blue Blood designer Ghanima Uriza. Matrioska is that cute Russian doll that contains a smaller cute Russian doll that contains an even smaller cute Russian doll, that contains… anyway, I made her Wednesday!

This is my favorite character of the Addams Family. Lurch comes close to that, but Wednesday definitely rules! And my favorite quote of her? When ask why she is not wearing a costume at the family costume party, she says:  “I’m a homicidal maniac; they look just like everyone else!”

There is one thing about my Wednesday, though. She is  wearing a hair just like her mother’s!

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Inocencia – open mouth by Matrioska

Hair: JPN670 – black by Boon

Dress: Black widow by Chantkare (group gift)

Nails: naive. v2- metallic nails – grays by Je suis

Pose: Bent