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nar·cis·sism (noun): Inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.

That’s a definition by Dictionary.com. And it applies to me today 😀 That is, if fascination with one’s avatar is what those guys had in mind when they wrote that.

In the past two years, my constant activity in SL was to make my avatar look pretty and wear pretty clothes and play pretty poses. After all this time, there are days when I’m still amazed of how beautiful she can be. Of course, other than tweaking the shape a bit and choosing a certain item over another, I don’t have nothing to do with she being pretty. Cause the creativity of SL designers it’s what makes it possible. And today was one of those WOW! days. Let me show you why!

The beautiful dress is new by Chantkare for The Fashion Garret, the hair is by  Ali&Alli available for free on the marketplace until the 15th and the pumps are by Epoque.

What makes or breaks a photo is the pose. In this case, the prop. BehaviorBody has two new model props available at the store and this one has a free version, with two poses and their mirrored version. Drop by and grab it, it has a hud to change the colors of the floor and walls and poses are easy to adjust. Also, both full props come at a promotional price, so you better get them now if you like them.

And now let’s get to the core of my narcissistic moment. When I shot this close-up, I kinda fell in love with my avatar. The mix of CheerNo’s Emilia skin with the Baiastice teeth, the Je Suis lashes, and Amacci eyes is a blast! Plus the A&A hair that makes Moniq look like a diva of the 60s. Maybe Sophia Loren with a twist of innocence.

The earrings are a Dark Mouse special for Moody Mondays and they were made to match a new pearl necklace in the Cursed series. I decided to wear them with a more simple, delicate necklace that I won at the lucky boards while hanging around the store.

Styling and SLURLs:

Skin: Emilia – sunkissed by CheerNo Femme

Teeth: Baiastice

Hair: Charlotte – Blackberry by A&A (marketplace freebie)

Dress: Phylox Nights by Chantkare for The Fashion Garret

Pumps: Revolution pumps – floral by Epoque

Jewelry: Cursed earrings (for Moody Mondays) and Flights of Fancy Necklace (lucky board prize) by Dark Mouse

Prop: GlamCornerProp by BehaviorBody (free version)