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Remember the crazy colors, big hair, purple lipstick, Cyndi Lauper? Well, that’s vintage now! Yes, the 80s are vintage! I grew up in the 80s and that makes me really, really old! I didn’t like the 80s, maybe because when I became interested in fashion, in the early 90s, the 80s seemed so out of fashion 😀 For a long time,  I thought that the oly good thing about those years was heavy metal! I’m older and (I wish) wiser now and I’m ready to admit that there was cool stuff in the80s fashion. And since Vintage Fair designers have thought about those years too, here’s my take on the 80s.

The orange top with the big fur sleeve is a new release by Elan. I added the new ripped shorts and wedges by Haut Monde, also designed for this event, a skin by Essences and makeup by Adore & Abhor Cosmetics (the former Mango, Mango), both for Vintage Fair. The hair was a big issue, because it seems finding big Afro hair in SL is difficult. If you know a store who makes such hair, please let me know! The hair I am using is an ancient freebie that I had for years in my inventory, the pack includes a version with fire 😀 I have no idea if it’s still available.


Skin: Essences for Vintage Fair

Makeup: Adore & Abhor Cosmetics (ex Mango, Mango) for Vintage Fair

Hair: Yoneya (old freebie, I don’t know if it’s still available)

Top: Elan for Vintage Fair

Shorts: Haut Monde for Vintage Fair

Shoes: Haut Monde for Vintage Fair

Belt: Voix

Nails: Je Suis

Poses: EverGlow

Vintage Fair opens tonight at 4.00 pm SLT. SLURLs and venue map are available here.