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You know what really, really bugs me? Seeing people who say no to anything new without even giving it a try. Instead of pretty clothes, today I have some quotes for you:

” just like [insert store name here] the way it was…no mesh shit…other ppl see me like BOX…
“Mesh isn’t as pretty either and make the av look fat”
“some groups have started sending out warnings, don’t wear Mesh as you look nude”
“until many  more people get the mesh viewer, i wish group gifts were not mesh”

Come on, people! Did you try it? Did you at least tried a viewer that supports mesh? I do understand that your computer may be too old to handle new viewers, I have issues with 3.2 myself, but saying no to something just cause you don’t wanna is kinda dumb, if you ask me. And rude too, cause some people worked hard for you to have a better gaming experience FREE OF CHARGE. Is mesh perfect? No, it’s not, but it can be improve and the best way to improve something is to receive feedback about it.

What feedback are YOU sending? Are you going to still use your cart with horses while everyone else gets a car? If that is your thing, ok, go on with it, but at least shut up!

Now let me tell you something: If other people were more open minded, you would not have the “ppl see me like box” issue. But for that, how about YOU start being open minded and persuade others to follow you?

Fact: you can’t control how others see you! You could have a great windlight and perfecly tinted feet. In my windlight, they look mismatched. You can have a high LOD, I may see you in squares and holes, because my viewer could be set on minimum graphics. People see you like box? Tell them to update viewer!

Plus: Mesh does NOT make you fat! Mesh comes in sizes. There’s even a standard sizing system to accommodate as many shapes as possible and some designers are ready to help you if you JUST ASK. System skirts can make you look fat. Some no-mod sculpties can do that too. What? Are you going to give up prims and only wear texture layers? No? I thought so, let’s move on!

And: you wish group gifts were not mesh? It’s a designer’s choice to send a group gift. OR NOT. Not your decision. Their content, their group, their rules. Unless you pay for that group gift – which you don’t, cause it’s a gift – say thank you and move on. You don’t like it? Don’t use it and shut up. Creators don’t HAVE to give group gifts. They do it because they WANT to. So you don’t have the right to ask for a standard version of the mesh gift too. Sorry, that’s beyond rude.

Again, mesh is not perfect. It has limitations. No mesh standard sizing will EVER fit my shape perfectly, until that deformer project is implemented. If it ever will be. But I like mesh. It comes with new opportunities, a chance for creators to try and design the things they could only imagine, but not achieve, due to SL limitations. And for that, I am willing to work with laggy viewers and not mind that much when my shape is a bit altered by a certain mesh product.

And if more people would join me and other mesh supporters, I bet that making mesh better would become a top priority for LL and maybe even new viewers would improve faster. And then there will be no more “box” or “fat” issues around mesh.

All you need is give it a try. And if you still don’t like it, then you’ll have the right to say it. And to suggest ways to improve it too!